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NATURE care products for woman & man

- For woman & man

NATURE care products for babies (+6months) & kids

- For babies(+6months) & kids

NATURE care products for hotel amenities

- Hotel amenities

Nature Hellas Care Products, combining the purest ingredients in nature, created two basic series of Greek Natural Products for hair care as well as body treatment, one for woman & man with pomegranate organic extract and one for babies (+6months) & kids with honey organic extract (520ml & 250ml packaging). These two categories of natural products for hair care as well as body treatment have also been extended with a range of natural soaps such as with pomegranate, with honey (olive oil soap),with seaweed (cosmetic olive oil soap), with chamomile & calendula extracts (for facial cleansing) and evening primrose & calendula. At the same time our natural products for hair care & body treatment with pomegranate or honey organic extracts NATURE, are marketed in 65ml, 50ml & 35ml (shampoos, shower gels etch) or 25gr (soaps) packaging for use by hotels in the «amenities» category. All ingredients of NATURE care products originate following natural processing & are based solely on pure organic extracts of the Greek Nature, contain no chemical substances & other excipients thereof, have not been subjected to any technological processing (during the stage of production process) and are not animal tested. Our products contain no p-hydrooxybenzoic acid (paraben), mineral oils, ethanolamines, isodiazolines or triethanolamine. Products by Nature Hellas Care Products, they are all pH skin friendly (Potential of Hydrogen), while they are produced by the best certified Greek production laboratories for care cosmetics products. Finally, all our products, according to Greek Law, have been declared and certified to the National Organization for Medicines (E.O.F). Respectively, according to regulation (Νο.1223/2009) for the circulation of cosmetics products within the E.U., all of our products have been also have been declared and certified to the European Portal for the notification of cosmetics products C.P.N.P. (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). All natural products for hair care & body treatment with organic extracts NATURE, are available through our official web shop and also at selected points of sale throughout Greece.